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FILMBAY 2000 Greatest Films of All-Time (1888-2016) by Year - 0186 - DUNUNGEN (Ivan Hedqvist, 1919, Sweden, 131m, BW)



(Ivan Hedqvist, 1919, Sweden, 131m, BW)


DUNUNGEN (Ivan Hedqvist, 1919, Sweden, 131m, BW)

In Quest of Happiness (1919)

Dunungen (original title)

2h 11min
1 December 1919 (Sweden)
Director: Ivan Hedqvist
Writer: Selma Lagerlöf (short story and play "Dunungen")
Stars: Renée Björling, Carl Browallius, Mia Gründer


The Swedish silent film Dunungen/In Quest of Happiness (Ivan Hedqvist, 1919) was based on a short story and play by Selma Lagerlöf. The stars were Renée Björling, Ivan Hedqvist himself and Ragnar Widestedt.


The story of Dunungen (Ivan Hedqvist, 1919) is set in the 19th century. Star of the film is pretty Swedish film and stage actress Renée Björling (1888-1975). She peaked in the Swedish silent cinema, but later she also played small parts in the films of Ingmar Bergman. In Duningen, Björling plays the baker's daughter Anne-Marie Ehringer, called Dunungen. Ragnar Widestedt plays the mayor's son Mauritz Fristedt, who has deeply fallen in love with Dunungen. 

The mayor applauds the engagement of his son when Mauritz in exchange promises to try to foist on Uncle Theodore (Ivan Hedqvist) a pack of worthless shares that the father wants to get rid of. It is to the rich old bachelor uncle Theodore Mauritz and Dunungen will go on their engagement trip. 

Dunungen gets attached to old Uncle Theodore and when Mauritz brings out the worthless shares and proposes Theodore a purchase, Dunungen prevents the deal. The film was Ivan Hedqvist's directorial debut and Renée Björling's film debut in a larger context. Weyler Hildebrand made ​​a remake of Dunungen in 1941 with cinematographer Julius Jaenzon who also had filmed this version of 1919.


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