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FILMBAY 2000 Greatest Films of All-Time (1888-2016) by Year - 0193 - BARRABAS (Louis Feuillade, 1919, France, BW)



(Louis Feuillade, 1919, France, BW)


BARRABAS (Louis Feuillade, 1919, France, BW)

8h 9min
5 March 1920 (France)

The efforts of lawyer Jacques Varese and journalist Raoul de Nerac who attempt to expose and destroy the criminal organization led by a sadistic banker Rudolph Strelitz.

Director: Louis Feuillade

Writers: Louis Feuillade (screenplay), Louis Feuillade (story)

Stars: Fernand Herrmann, Édouard Mathé, Gaston Michel


Rudolph Strelitz, known as ‘Barrabas’, is the brutal leader of an underground gang who causes mayhem and destruction to the lives of civilized people. A lawyer, Claude Varèse, is strongly determined to bring Strelitz to justice for the purpose of revenge, after his father was wrongly guillotined for the murder of Laure d’Hérigny, a mistress of a missing American millionaire. Later Claude Varèse’s sister, Françoise, is then abducted by the evil Dr Lucius, one of Barrabas’ henchmen.


French Title Runtime

1 "Prologue; La Maîtresse du Juif Errant" 77 mins.
2 "La Justice des hommes" 39 mins.
3 "La Villa des Glycines" 40 mins.
4 "Le Stigmate" 39 mins.
5 "Nöelle Maupré" 39 mins.
6 "La Fille du condamné" 39 mins.
7 "Les Ailes de Satan" 39 mins.
8 "Le Manoir mystérieux" 40 mins.
9 "L’Otage" 40 mins.
10 "L’Oubliette" 38 mins.
11 "Le Revenant" 38 mins.
12 "Le Justice" 38 mins.


Another Louis Feuillade masterpiece. The silent crime serial master again delivers a thrilling chapter piece in Barrabas (1919). No, it's not a biblical epic, but a modern tale of a lawyer and reporter trying to break down a crime organization. Lacks the intensity of his legendary serials likes Fantômas (1913-14), Les vampires (1915) & Judex (1916), but there are still plenty of adventure going on in the 7+ hour which makes this a fine supplement for those wanting more after watching his most famous chapter plays.


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