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Film Acting Notes 06


(“Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance or Yuk-Yuk”)

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New York is actors heaven. NY, the Great White Way (from the many many lights that brightened the street in the 1880s) or Broadway today (aka: Theatre District) runs only 10 blocks, from 43rd to 53rd street with only 4 theatres, The Marquis (43rd), The Palace (47), The Winter Garden (50th) and & The Broadway (53rd) is where.

Now let’s cut-to actors, agents and New York. First, agents breakdown into basically (1) Talent Agents or (2) Literary Agents who represent clients or (3) Packaging Agents, these are the ones that filmmaker’s desire, for don’t truly represent clients; they represent Packages (aka: projects with Script, Director, Budget & Stars) and only charge 5% rather than the 10% for solely writers or actors.

Now let’s cut-to talking agents for actors in NY, Broadway, TV & Screen. Here’s the bottom-line…if you are an actor and desire to live on the East Coast (aka: New York) and want to work…”YOU Better Be Able to Sing & Dance”. Point. Period. End Sentence. If not, then move to LA.

The majority of parts, auditions & roles that are being cast everyday in Manhattan are for Broadway plays/musicals. Yes, of course, New York has Madison Avenues, and Madison Avenue being another name for advertising has a lot of commercials being shot and also 1 or 2 daily soaps but the bottom-line is, “if you desire to be an actor and live in Manhattan, you better be able to (A) Sing, (B) Dance and (C), of course, Act.

A couple of Hot Tips ago I posted info on a medium sized, but extremely well-connected agency (aka: “Paradigm Agency”) that has numerous Talent & Literary Agents now let me give you the name of an agency, with an office in Manhattan, that is very well connected and represents actors for Broadway…but you better be able to “sing-n-dance”.

COMEDY is also a specialty of The Gersh Agency so if you got a “Shtick”, got a “gimmick”, got at least 20 minutes of standup material and are ready to audition, go on the road, perfect your 20-minutes in tacky clubs sleeping in Holiday Expresses, with cold breakfasts, until you’re ready for your 5-minutes of Leno or Letterman or Kimmel, so that you can get 30-minutes on Comedy Channel in hopes of getting 90-minutes on HBO….then The Gersh Agency is very important.

COMICS they rep include:

MAINLINE “90-Minuters”: Tom Arnold, Ben Bailey, Drew Carey, Dave Chappelle, Henry Cho, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Robert Klein, Norm Macdonald, Kevin Nealon….

UP & COMIN’ “20-Minuters”: KP Anderson, Ian Bragg, BEN BAILEY, Maria Bamford, The Dan Band, Arj Baker, Greg Behrendt, Doug Benson, Danny Bevins, Bo Bumhan, Tom Cotter, Joe Dore, Dean Edwards, Adam Ferrara, Christian Finnegan, Dave Foley, JAM FOX, Garfunkle & Oates, Elon Gold, Eddie Griffin, Ryan Hamilton, John Heffron, John Menton, Jeremy Holtz, Matt Iseman, Anjelah Johnson, Aron Kader, Myg Kaplan, Moshe Kasher, Louis Katz, Lisa Landy, Rocky LaPorte, Wendy Liebman, Mo Mandel, Shane Mauss, Joel McHale, Juston McKinney, Larry Miller, Tim Minchin, Remy, Rex Navarrette, John Oliver, Patton Oswalt, Phil Palisoul, Jimmy Pardo, Joprdan Peele, tammy Pascarelli, Brian Posehn, Jasper Redd, Jon Reep, Brian Regan, Erik Rivera, Tom Segura, Lliza Schelssinger, Christopher Titus, Brent Weinbach, Brad Williams, Harland Williams, Ali Wong, Roy Wood Jr.

ATTN: ACTORS….You want an Agent? You need an Agent? Okay, then this week I will give you a day-by-day list of agents, to including agency (WME2, ICM, CAA, APA, UTA, APA, etc.) and phone number that will handle you, your script or your project contingent upon whether you are a Writer, an Actor, a Director or a Producer. Yesterday’s post was for WRITER’S AGENTS & today’s post is for ACTOR’S AGENTS who are part/partners of “ICM”, a super-power agency and tomorrow’s post will be for FINANCING AGENTS from “CAA”.


AGENCY: International Creative Management (“ICM”)
ADDRESS: 10250 Constellation Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067
TEL: 310-550-4000



Hello Actors: Here they are. 10 Top talent agents who work for one of the top 5 Hollywood Talent Agency’s. Get your headshot. Get a demo. Get your Facebook page. Get a small part and Get the Agent to check you out….and…remember “No one looks like you…you are original”.

By-the-way one of the easiest (but it’s still not easy) ways to launch your career is to “Take Control”… what that means is to make a feature film, from micro-budget, that stars you and get it into the festival circuit.

Want Financing? Need Movie Money? Have 50% of your Budget committed with pre-sales but need a co-production deal? You want a Financing Agent and that will be tomorrow’s highlight.

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