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Film Acting Notes 05

(“Who to Call? What to say?”)

You have an actor in mind that you want to contact. But how do you get his/her number…At least his/her agent or manager’s contact details. First ask, “is your actor/actress a (A) Celebrity Movie Name, a (B) Recognizable TV Name, or (C) a nobody that you saw in a movie that you think is dynamic.”

There are 4 routes.
2. SAG
4. Production Company

First, and always, contact your local film commissioner. Give him or her the
name of the person you want to get in touch with or merely send your script to…Doing this you will quickly discover that your Film Commissioner will be little-to-no help, with respect to celebrity actors, except to say “why don’t you call SAG”.

Therefore, third, to circumvent the agent, If the actor, you’re looking for is a celebrity, then you should realize that all Big-Name actors have a production company. Will Smith has an agent & a production company. Tom Hanks has an agent & a production company. Queen Latifah has an agent & a production company. Thus…forget about the agent and go direct to the actor’s production company.

It is always better to get to the name direct. Thus, call his/hers production company and ask to speak with their Development Executive (I’ll explain this conversation in a later post)….that’s the person at the company who actually reads scripts.

Now, to find the production company of a celebrity-actor along with his/her Development Executive you go to a site that is www. IMDB .com. But wait, not www. IMDB .com, which is a good site for research, you just want their phone numbers and addresses then you subscribe for one month and go to www. IMDBpro .com. This is where you get names, addresses and phone numbers.

SIDE POINT: A company, Hollywood Creative Directory, that publishes whos-who directories (one for Producers, one for Distributors, one for Agents) that were nicknamed the Creative Directories and were updated yearly, went out of business 4 months ago. Their website was www. HCDonline .com. However, you can still go to Amazon and buy their used last year’s directories for $49-$89, which are still 90% applicable, and get all the famous actors, directors, producers, dealmakers & power brokers contact details.

“AGENTS. AGENTS. AGENTS”…. (“You want an Agent. OK. Call”)
“Yo, I need an agent. Do you know one?” is probably the most common question I’m asked. And yes, I know hundreds (below is a list of Talent Agents, Literary Agents, Music Agents, production Agents, etc.) from just one Agency but first you need to know the true job of an agent.

Agents are not here to (A) sell your script or (B) get you a job; Agents are here to (C) maximize your revenue potential after you have either (A2) sold your script or (B2) you’ve got a career started for the forthcoming year.

Thus, it is “Up to you to make the first sale or get the first above-the-line title on a successful film so now an agent can call and say “I represent the WRITER-OF, the PRODUCER-OF, the DIRECTOR-OF….” Which means you are marketable!

But you still are asking me for some agents. OK. I’ll pick an agency, PARADIGM, with offices in LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK & NASHVILLE with hundreds of agents. I’ll give you the names of 50. FIVE-ZERO! FIFTY! No more excuses. Now, pick up your phone and call…but are you marketable.

In the interim, here (as promised) is a list of Paradigm agents.

PARADIGM (Los Angeles)
360 N Crescent Dr, N Building, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210 (310-288-8000)
1. Norman Aladjerm (Talent Agent)
2. Alisa Adler (Talent)
3. Ryan Bartlett (Talent)
4. Nate Bryson (Talent)
5. Carlos Carrerra (Talent)
6. Jason Cunningham (Talent)
7. Jim Dempsey (Talent)
8. Chris Dennis (Talent)
9. Wendi Gree (Talent, YOUTH)
10. Jack Kingsrud (Talent)

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“A” ACTORS HAVE POWER... (“Actors Buy Scripts”)

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Yes, actors buy scripts. Yes, they have production companies they own. Yes, they have the ability (key word: ability) to get a movie financed by a studio. Yes, they have Development Executives whose job is to read 500-1,500 scripts/year and discover the “new” hot property and option it for 24-36 months.

Now, who do you send it to? The answer is simple…”Bankable actors who have DEVELOPMENT DEALS with STUDIOS or NETWORKS!” And. of course these actors are either Stars (B+, A- or A) or Mega-Stars (A+).

The 6 major studios (Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Paramount, Universal, 20th Fox, etc.), and, at times TV & Cable Programming executives do it for proven episodic, reality or award show producers, have each done many deals (meaning they have given them disposable money of $1MM-$3MM) with either Bankable (“A” or “A-“) or Mega-Bankable (“A+”) Actors.

These deals are called Development Deals.

Here is a partial list of ACTORS with DEVELOPMENT DEALS that have cash to purchase your script.

Now stop waiting, you’ve written your script, you are sure it is great, you’ve CYA (Covered Your Ass) and registered and copyrighted it, then send…but send it to the person at the actor’s company who is in charge of “Development” or “Creative Affairs” and…turn it over to God.

Call them, who knows what might happen. You do know what will happen if you don’t call…NOTHING. Now pick up the phone and “Smile & Dial”.

2S FILMS (Company)
10390 Santa Monica Blvd, #210, LA, Ca 90025 (Address)
MOLLY SMITH (Development Executive)
(310 789-5450)

1023 ½ Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
ERIC KINIGHT (Creative Executive)
(310 260-7073)

APOSTLE (Company)
568 Broadway, #301
New York, NY 10012
JIM SERPICO (VP, Productions)
(212 541-4323)

The saying is “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. Huh? Translated this means I can lead you to who is buying but I can’t make you (A) Write the great script, (B) Copyright the great script and then (C) send it to who wants to star in the great script that has (1) Money or (2) Studio Development Deal.

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