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Film Acting Notes 01



MALIN AKERMAN (actress), the new star from Tom Cruise’s “Rock of Ages”, is now set for Adam Shankman’s new Warner’s all-Star project, “THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU”… One film and she’s rockin’
AGENCY: William Morris Endeavor
AGENTS: Sanders Caserta & Jackoway Tyerman
PHONE: 310-285-9000

MELISSA RAUCH (actress), tv’s “Big Bang Theory” co-star is joining Owen Wilson & Amy Poehler in “You Are Here”. This will be the Directing debut of Matthew Weiner, the creator of the acclaimed tv “Mad Men”. Maybe succeeding in tv is a good Segway to movies
AGENCY: The Gersh Agency (310-205-5833)
MANAGEMENT: Gurvitz, Brillstein, Peikoff Law Office
MANAGER: Marc Gurvitz
PHONE: 310-205-5114

GARY OLDMAN, that’s two projects two weeks in a row, has just committed to an independent film, “Monster Butler”, directed by Doug Roth.
AGENCY: Agency for Performing Arts
AGENT: Douglas Urbanski
PHONE: 310-888-4200

JERRRY O’CONNELL, basically a tv name, although he’s been in several movies, is going back to a weekly tv gig playing Herman Munster. Yep, NBC is redoing the Munsters.
AGENCY: United Talent Agency (310-273-6700)
AGENT: Witheld due to request
MANAGEMENT: 3 Arts (9400 Wilshire Blvd, 7/F, Bev Hills, CA 90210)
MANAGER: Erwin Stoff

VANESSA REDGRAVE, yep she’s still truckin’, has a shocking guess star role playing a lesbian Supreme Court Justice (Obama appointee?) in this summer’s USA cable network’s “Political Animals” movie.
AGENCY: Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
AGENT: Gavin Barker (UK based)
PHONE: 424-888-2000

MADS MIKKELSEN, he’s Danish, just won best actor at Cannes for “THE HUNT” and is about to be the super villain in “THOR 2” and star in as the Hannibal Lecter character on NBC’s new series…”HANNIBAL”
AGENCY: United Talent Agency (UTA)
PHONE: 310-273-6700


The Deals, last week, seemed a little more geared to TV with a reality check for Lindsay Lohan (don’t f*ck with Completion Bonders) and an interesting move by Ryan Seacrest.

CHARLIZE THERON is now big enough to Produce whatever she wants, as long as she stars in it. Her next project is “MURDER MYSTERY”, a comedy-mystery with John Madden (“Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”) directing.
TEL: 310-285-9000
AGENT/BROKER: Hanson Jacobson

COLIN FARRELL is joining (negotiations) Tom Hanks & Emma Thompson in a Disney’s (just doesn’t seem right, Colin Farrell in a Disney Flick) “Saving Mr Bank’s”, which is, get this, not “Mary Poppins” but the story about the creation of “Mary Poppins”… Good way to get in the kid and adult demographics simultaneously.
Tel: 424-888-2000
AGENT: Josh Lieberman

GEORGE CLOONEY (I respect this man soooo much) & his partner, Grant Heslov, of SmokeHouse Pictures, is teaming Meryl Streep (Meryl resides in Connecticut which offers a 30% Transferable Tax Credit) & Julia Roberts (good chemistry) to adapt “August: Osage County”, a Pulitzer Prize & Tony Award winning black-comedy play. George absolutely knows the importance of dialogue and is very geared to adapting plays rather than starting from scratch.
Tel: 818-432-0330

JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN, “Big Love” fame (forget “Waterworld”) is joining “Criminal Minds” for it’s 8th season. INFO TIDBIT: when tv shows get to 9-10 seasons (160-200 episodes) they massively cash-in ($1-$3 Billion, yes Billion bonus) on re-selling syndication rights. Remember the $1 million/each paid “Friends” darling 6 per episode for the last year.
Tel: 310-274-6611
Agent/Broker: Brillstein

CHEYENNE JACKSON, ROB LOWE & SCOTT BAKULA are all teaming for HBO’s production (means gonna be some frontal nudity, sex & swearing) for “Behind the Candelabria”, the true story of Liberace, also starring Michael (welcome back) Douglas
Tel: 310-550-4000

RYAN SEACREST, I’m respecting this man more-and-more, is doing a tv pilot of a mobile game (a mobile game?), “Draw Something”, with Sony Pictures TV.
COMPANY: Ryan Seacrest Productions
ADDRESS: 5750 Wilshire Blvd, LA, Ca 90036
Tel: 323-954-2400
New Media Development: Tony Novia

LINDSAY LOHAN, is in negotiations to star in an independent movie (many times, once an actor demonstrates drug/alcohol scenarios they become untouchable by the Big 6 Major Studios). Why? Because they make it near impossible to get an affordable Completion Bond. Interesting (someday I’ll give a post about the importance of Completion Bond companies). Anyway, Lindsay allegedly will co-star with James Deen (adult star-actor) in a, get this, Kickstarter-funded movie, “The Canyons”, to be directed by Paul Schrader.
Tel: 310-550-4000
Agent/Broker: Bloom Hergott

LET’S TALK DEALS ... (“Actor-Moola…Who’s getting’ it”)
Movie & TV Actor deals are happening daily.

What you, the as yet undiscovered-but-great actor want to know is “who are the agents and what are their phone numbers” for maybe you have a Face, a Body, a Presence or even a Script-Treatment-Idea, that is perfect and you are not sitting back and intend on being at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time.

Let’s check out some movie/tv deals with the respective Attorneys & Agents (with contact details) who made it happen…


1) RYAN GOSLING: Will make a directorial debut with a fantasy, “How To Catch A Monster” which has just been pre-sold at TIFF (Toronto International Film festival). Pre-sold means you take your project (Script, Budget & Actor commitment) and pre-sell it at a discount to France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea… The thing I find fascinating is that Ryan has the guts to start a directing career with a logistically difficult EFX laden project.
AGENCY: IFA Talent Agency (Santa Monica, 310-659-5522)
AGENT: Ilene Feldman (also Reps Angeline Jollie)
LEGAL: Sloane Offer (Robert Offer, 310-248-5100)

2) LEONARDO DiCAPRIO & TOBY MAGUIRE: Are teaming to produce a feature film for Warner Bros to distribute on the subject of animal-trafficking. Maybe one of these attorneys representing DiCap or Maguire (actually Hansen Jacobson represents both…did you read that “both”) might rep you or your script. They definitely have contact with names to partner. Give it a shot.
AGENCY: WME (310-285-9000), CAA (424-888-2000)
LEGAL: Hansen Jacobson (310-271-8777)
ATTORNEYS: Tom Hansen & Craig Jacobson
MAIL: 450 N Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

3) MICHAEL KEATON: He is going the way of dressed-up cameo on Big-Budget studio visual feature “RoboCop” where he will play an evil CEO… we ran out of bad guys (Russians, Nazis, Terrorists, Drug Czars, etc.), so now the next bad guy genres are former Madoff corporate execs.
AGENCY: ICM (310-550-4000)
AGENTS: Lorrie Bartlett, Dar Rollins & Adam Scweitzer
LEGAL: Ziffren Brittenham (310-552-3388)

4) CHARLIZE THERON: I think she’s smart, hot & cool. As an entrepreneur she’s optioned (good deal) a Vanity Fair article (good visibility) about a slain war reporter, Mare Colvin (good story), with as yet no distributor attached. This means she’s hustling financing independent of the studios and want to keep more revenue streams for herself and her partners (smart) and do a Distributor-For-Rent deal.
AGENCY: WME (310-285-9000)
LEGAL: Hansen Jacobson (They repped Leonardo & Tobey also) for Option
CONTACT: 310-271-8777)

LETS TALK DEAL… (“Writers, Actors,…Who’s Made Bucks”)
(For all Tips… Go To “FB” … Click “LIKES” & “SHARE”
One Big Agency after another (WME, ICM, CAA, Gersh…).

Some recent Big name deals.

Remember, “You’re not a big-name yet. Once you are I’ll be posting on your projects… now, it’s your job to be a big name.” … That is why I’m putting the names & phone numbers of the Agencies, Agents, Managers & Attorneys…Fo, someday, something is going to happen, if you keep working, and you get an offer in-writing (Option, Purchase, Hire, Arrangement, Offer…whatever), now you’ll go to the posts find a name and number and call…They’ll close the deal and congratulations, “You are in the industry”.

LEGAL: Bloom Hergott Diener Rosenthal
DEAL: Jake (he’s big enough now to call the shots) is Producing a a feature film set in the gambling world, but of course, part of the deal is he’s gonna star in it. The writers from “Half Nelson” (script) are Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden.
TEL: 310-285-9000 (WME)

LEGAL: Hirsch Wallerstein Hayom Matlof & Fishman
DEAL: This is an action movie being pushed by Sylvester Stallone, from a script he wrote, for Millenium with newer action heart throbs Jason Stratham and James Franco.. Oh yes Winona isn’t allowed to shop during the shoot.
TEL: 310-274-6611 (TGA)

ACTOR: BRADLEY COOPER (Yes, he is in every other movie being prepped)
DEAL: A contemporary Crime-Thriller titled “Bad Blood and Trouble” for Media Rights Capital. Media Rights Capital is one of those new big-big players. In the past 6 years they’ve produced 10 films from “Babel”, to “Adjustment Bureau”, to “House of Cards”, to “TED”…. “TED” hit big and they have big-big bucks for development… Give a call. They’re Head of Creative Affairs is Mr Joe Hipps. With the type of money they have call Joe Hipps “Mr”.
TEL: 424-888-2000 (CAA)
TEL: 310-786-1600 (Media Rights)

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