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Cinematography Notes 06

Cinematography: “3D! 3D! 3D is where it’s at”

“Hi. I made a trailer. It’s really great. Can you look at it and give me your opinion?” Do you know how many times a day I get that e-mail or posting?

The answer is 6-8, and that is at a minimum.

Every day, I have people who have spent their time, their money and, sadly, their credibility by making a trailer and believe that this is going to get them the credibility and eventually the money to expand it into a movie.

First, let’s define a “trailer”.

If, your definition of a trailer is a single 2-5 minute (2-5 page) scene, from your finished screenplay, that really sets the tone of the movie and you have only spent $300-$500, and, for whatever reason it is mesmerizing,…then I am totally for it.

A perfect example is the 3-4 minute black-n-white master shot of Billy Bob Thornton, which became the opening scene of “SLING BLADE”, with him staring out of the bleak hospital’s window with Voice Over explaining his life and plight.

1st POINT OF INFO: If you need something to screen (aka: trailer), that allegedly demonstrates your talent, for a small group of investors. Then why don’t you just find an excellent Camera Operator, in your area, who has worked on 60 shoots over the past 4 years as either a 1st AC, 2nd AC or Operator and accumulated an excellent 6-8 minute demo reel of these shoots.

I guarantee you your eventual Cinematographer’s 6-8 minute demo reel is going to look 20 times better, as a demonstration of your production company’s work, than your 7-8 scene trailer.

You’re going backwards with these over-the-top (aka: “great production value”) trailers. Just use your projected DPs demo reel or just make a 1-camera, master shot feature for $2,000.

2nd POINT OF INFO: If you refuse to listen to what I’ve written, which is the gift of the artist, then do whatever you desire but here is the POINT OF INFO that I hope you pay attention to. This Trailer that you’re about to make….MAKE IT IN 3D. Yes, 3D.

Now, you have to do something that is different from everyone in the pack.

What is different? What scares you? What are few-to-no 2012 Filmmakers doing? The answer is “3D”.

Make a low-budget 3D movie….and…if you do it in Black-n-White…it will be called art.

3D – 3D – 3D ... (“It’s Easy to do. Do It”)

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3D is easy to do. Shoot 3D! Why fight it. It ain’t a gimmick. 3D is not going to disappear. It’s hot….espcially in the low-budget world. Yes the glamour is over however, every tv set made today is 3D capable. There’s a 3D cable network. 3D as a revenue stream is here forever. Shoot in 3D. Edit in 2D and release in 2D but if you desire you can have an added revenue flow with 3D…. You can also shoot in 2D and convert in post to 3D.

Now do it. Can you name a 3D “No-Budget” Feature Film. Name one. I said “Name one”. The answer is “No!” Then what are you waiting for? Be the first on the block. Just about nothing is unique or original. Doesn’t everyone say Shakespeare did it centuries ago. I agree…and…I disagree. 3D for “No-Budget” producers is unique.

If you want to be successful you have to “think out of the box” and 3D for Micro-Budget and Guerilla Filmmakers is thinking out-of-the-box.

First, you had to know how to BUY FILM. Then you had to rent a FILM CAMERA. Then you had to LOAD IT. Then you had to point it at actors and EXPOSE it. Then you were blind for you couldn’t actually look at it for a day-or-two until you gave it to a Film Lab to DEVELOP IT. But then it was reverse color and you had to PRINT IT. Then you had dailies and, two days later, saw it for the first time and thought How Great It Looked.

Good then you’re going to do it. Scared is a good feeling. My Dad always said, “If you’re scared…you’re growing”. And when you are one of the first to do it you can get away with making mediocrity and being successful.

Now, who of you are going to be the first to do a “NO-BUDGET” 3D movie and…if you do it in Black and White…its art.

The greatest camera in the world is your head. Your head is a camera with 2 Lenses (aka: eyes) that are sitting 2.5 inches apart.

So you get 2 cameras and you put them side-by-side 2.5 inches apart. If the cameras are big then you use the Over-Under Method. One for the Right Eye and one for the Left Eye. Duh! This ain’t rocket science.

The key phrases in 3D shooting are:

They stand for 2.5 inches apart, then where these two eyes (cameras) are to converge and should that point be behind the screen, just at the edge of the screen or coming out-at-ya and the final is the name for the alleged 3D genius, to compute Convergence & Parallax settings, needed on the set who everyone discovers is not really needed.

The idea of this Hot Tip was to Kick You OUT OF THE BOX.

Think 3D. If you want to stay abreast with (A) How-To, (B) Who and (C) What Costs are for 3D then make sure you have Clicked “LIKE” and done a minimum of one “VIRAL” or “SHARE”.

You want to be successful? Then think OUT OF THE BOX. 3D. 3D. 3D. No-Budget 3D. Micro-Budget 3D.

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