Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cinematography Notes 04

YOUTUBE STARS”…. (“They are actually agents”)

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Yes, it is happening. YouTube stars are finally big enough that there are agents representing them for web-deals, product placement offers, webisode productions and possibly movie studio deals.

The biggest agency representing these, now no longer wannabees, that have hit and obtained a niche on YouTube is THE COLLECTIVE. Why? Answer is always very simple…. MONEY!

Remember TV ads are becoming almost useless and Madison Avenue, that phrase for NY advertisers, is looking for new ways of getting potential consumer “eyeballs”…and the web is here…and the “eyeballs” are there. Brand spending for Digital Video (these YouTube things) has gone from $324 Million in 2007 to $1,800 Million or $1.8 Billion in 2011. 2012 is projected at $2.4 Billion…

Remember that name… THE COLLECTIVE” (Google it, Bing it, get the address & phone Number, I could but I woke up a little cranky this morning and got tired of treating first-time filmmakers like children and giving them the addresses and phone numbers when it is so easy to do it themselves).

Let me give you a hint… They’re in Beverly Hills. And when you Google/Bing and call you want to chat with someone in the “NEW MEDIA” division or the “CONTENT” division.

THE COLLECTIVE is now being called a “Quirker Agency” handling “Quirky Talent”…. Recent examples of their hits are:
1. “ANNOYING ORANGE” (Dane Boedigheimer/Indie Filmmaker), this got 2.5 million views and is now doing something with more depth with the Cartoon Network
2. “EPIC MEAL TIME” (Harley Morenstein/Comedian), Video posts usually feature food-gigs. He ate a 5,210 Calorie Pizza and it got 451 Million views. Selling an ad Click-Through at just $0.01/view pencils out to $4,500,000. F*ck I’ll eat a 12,650 calorie alligator for $4.5 million…plus, it’ll probably taste like chicken
3. “FREDDIEW” (Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch/Filmmaakers/Gamers), their YouTube fame got them deals with McDonalds and Electronic Arts
4. “IJUSTINE” (Justine Ezarik/Blogger), He 300-page iPhone bill (2007) got her 2 million views in 10 days and now she’s making mooooney.
5. “MEGAN & LIZ” (Singers), Twin sisters went from small home-videos to back-to-school commercial with Macy’s. Step aside Justin.
6. “RHETT & LINK” (Comedians), Yep, they have a little credit for starting this.

Okay. You ask “what does this have to do with independent filmmaking?” Well, the “Big 6” studios only make, acquire and release less than 150 movies/year. Independents, like you, with unbridled creativity (remember Hollywood only desires to replicate and make Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5: The Musical) make over 50,000 features per year. I teach how to get a distributor, how to get into the proper film festival, how to negotiate deals, how to make profits… but if it doesn’t happen… I’m alerting you to the new world called the internet & web, which I’m sure you’ve heard about for 20 years, but now I’m giving you the name of the proper agency (yes, there are more) who will represent you even if your product doesn’t get into Sundance or Cannes and you don’t get picked up for distribution by the Weinsteins or LionsGate.

Now, you come up with something that gets on YouTube and gets (A) a following and (B) gets 1 million plus views.

Hope this sparks some new ideas and helps you?

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